Nicholas Simons Supports John Horgan

Nicholas Simons, MLA for Powell River-Sunshine Coast is throwing his support behind John Horgan, MLA for Juan de Fuca for Leader of the NDP.

“I believe that John Horgan is an exciting politician who is emerging just when the NDP needs an extra boost. He’s smart, engaging, passionate, and says what he thinks –and I don’t even always agree with him. But I think he will be the best leader for the NDP, and the best Premier for the Province.”

Simons says the meetings and debates throughout the Province were energizing, and that people are excited about the Party.

“We had large and enthusiastic crowds. It has been a privilege for me to share my ideas and speak to members around the Province about how we can make British Columbia a better home for all of us. I am proud of my team of volunteers, the policies I have proposed, and the principles I have supported.”

Simons’ platform included a comprehensive anti-poverty strategy, ideas on climate change, protecting water, the promotion of arts, and included bold policies on education. He made his decision last night after the final official debate in Terrace.

“I spoke to Mike and Dana last night, and to Adrian this morning. All the candidates are my friends, and that’s not going to change. But I think John Horgan will surprise and impress a lot of people, as he has impressed me.”