• Simons Outlines Environmental Policy

    As with all of my policies, the policies on the environment are viewed through the lens of Sustainable BC.  My environmental plan addresses the following six key components: Climate Change Citizens Assembly on Climate Change Action Sustainable Energy Plan Carbon Tax, Cap-and-Trade Public Transportation Green Building Practices Coal Mines Habitat and Wildlife Land and Resource […]

  • Policy on Post-Secondary Education in BC

    An Essential Part of a Strong and Vibrant Community Post-secondary education should be seen as a component of life-long learning, whether it involves learning new practical skills or expanding knowledge and understanding. It is an essential part of a strong and vibrant community. Post secondary education should be available for all who wish and are […]

  • Poverty Reduction Strategy – A Detailed Overview

    British Columbia is one of only a few Provinces or Territories without a plan on how to address poverty. This, despite having the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for many years. A poverty reduction strategy outlining timelines and measures should be developed within 6 months of the NDP leadership assembly. Our target should be to reduce the rate of poverty by 25%, and the depth of poverty by 50%, within five years. The poverty reduction strategy would see the rate of poverty reduced to less than 5% and the depth to less than 25% by 2020.